candelabrum (plural candelabrumscandelabracandelabras), sometimes called a candle tree, is a candle holder with multiple arms. The word comes from Latin.

In modern usage the plural form "candelabra" is frequently used in the singular sense, with the true singular form "candelabrum" becoming rare. Likewise, "candelabra" and "candelabras" are preferred over "candelabrums" as the plural form. Although the electrification of indoor lighting has relegated candleholders to the status of backup light sources in most homes and other buildings, interior designers continue to model light fixtures and lighting accessories after candelabra and candlesticks. Accordingly, the term "candelabra" has entered common use as a collective term for small-based incandescent light bulbs used in chandeliers and other lighting fixtures made for decoration as well as lighting.

In Judaism and the Philippine church Iglesia ni Cristo, the menorah is a special kind of candelabrum.