Frame Restoration

11th Feb 2020

Restoring a picture frame will give it new life. Antique picture frames frequently need cleaning, repair of broken pieces, conservation, and restoration of the original gilded surfaces. They may also … read more

How To Pick A Frame

11th Feb 2020

Making the correct framing choice for paintings is especially important. The frame becomes a more prominent component as there is no mat to separate the frame from the artwork, and often the frame wil … read more

New Art Gallery!

11th Feb 2020

Visit the Susquehanna Antique Company gallery near Asheville, NC and meet owner David Friedman. The company has been in business since 1913 and David has collected amazing antique furniture, and authe … read more


11th Feb 2020

Spatterware is a rather broad term for pottery with colors that look as if they were spattered or sponged onto the surface. This type of pottery was crafted in England beginning around 1780 and is usu … read more